Tiny Tanks – Greatest Multiplayer Game

tiny-tanks_1382994893Tiny Tanks is a very interesting and addictive game about tanks. At the beginning of the game, you have to create an account. The registration is rather simple and require just username and password,but this is useful, because you can save the gaming progress to play later. Tiny Tanks offer you 2 campaign modes : Single Player and Multiplayer. In single player mode, you have to complete simple missions to find out more about the basic controls and familarise yourself with the gameplay. The missions include time trial and deathmatch.

Controls of the game:
[W][A][S][D] - Move your tank.
[Space]/[Ctrl] - Fire.

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Keep an eye on the health and ammo bar at the bottom of the game. Keep in mind, that as soon as you complete the single player missions, you can join the multiplayer game. Browse the online servers and join the game. Tiny Tanks is a really popular flash game, played by thousands of people. Now you have chance to play the full version of the game at our website absolutely for free. Enjoy.